DxO Viewpoint 3 Features Improvements In Wide Angle Lens Correction And A New Miniature Effect

DxO has just announced DxO Viewpoint 3: an update to their wide angle lens correction software that automatically corrects skewed perspectives and horizons. In this update, DxO has improved their automatic corrections tools as well as added a few new features such as auto-horizon and miniature effect.

DxO claimed that major enhancements have been applied to the correction tools that benefited from their DxO Optics Modules, which was developed by their in-house laboratory analysis. The improvement suggested that a fully automatic mode is now available to instantly correct geometric distortion, straighten both horizontal and vertical lines, and automatically crop images, effectively eliminating keystoning while preserving the maximum information in the picture.

Sound familiar to you? This is almost sounding like Adobe’s Upright tool in many ways–and which has admittedly become better. While it’s a feature often pitched to landscape and architecture photographers, feedback from this technology (and similar ones) has shown that photographers in general tend to use it with lens correction. For the most part, both technologies work fine, though they can still have some random results. Admittedly, we haven’t tried the new Viewpoint.

In addition, the DxO Viewpoint 3 features a new auto-horizon correction tool that can correct skewed landscape and architectural images, and a new tool that can simulate a miniature effect similar to the look created by tilt-shift lenses.

You can find more about DxO Viewpoint 3 at their website here.