The New Woodman Provides Leather Style and New Portability Option for Your GoPro Camera

Russian designer, Artem Emelyanov, has unveiled The New Woodman, a leather case for GoPro cameras. The case fits over the standard GoPro housing and comes with a leather strap which can be slung over the shoulder or neck. The case’s construction is completely hand-crafted and uses a variety of materials, including Güterman thread, which is known for its durability and longevity. Also included with the case is a circular lens that slips over the existing GoPro lens adding to the natural/vintage aesthetic of the case. Check out the video below along with product images to see it in action.





The New Woodman is currently available for the GoPro 3/3+/4/5 cameras. It retails for $65 and can be purchased through New Woodman’s website here.