Spider Camera Holster Announces Kickstarter for 3 New Products

Spider Camera Holster, makers of the Spider Pro camera carrying system, have announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for three all new products: the SpiderLight Holster & Plate, SpiderLight Single Camera System, and the SpiderLight Backpack Adaptor. Made with mirrorless cameras and lightweight DSLR’s in mind, these new offerings present a range of features for those looking for alternative methods of carrying their gear.


The SpiderLight Holster & Plate has been designed for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Made of all-metal durable construction, this holster claims to be lightweight and versatile providing easy access to draw your camera from your hip. The SpiderLight Plate offers full tripod compatibility with a built-in Arca Swiss tripod profile and added security with the secure Anti-Twist Sprider PIN design.

The SpiderLight Single Camera System (pictured at top) is a single carry belt system that the SpiderLight Holster can attach to. Additional Spider lens pouches and belt-mounted accessories can be added to increase functionality.


Lastly, the SpiderLight Backpack Adapter is a quick snap-in connection that fastens securely to your existing bag’s strap. The adapter allows you to holster your camera to practically any backpack or messenger bag strap. It also allows full compatibility with GoPro accessories/cameras.

For more information about Spider Camera Holster’s new offerings, check out their Kickstarter here.