PhotoMemo Effectively Organizes Your Film Exposures Data Logging With Style

For film shooters, the only way to keep a record of the technical data of your film exposures is to manually write it down onto a notepad–which is what photographers have been doing for a really long time. And for those of you who like to keep it analog, PhotoMemo is a photographer’s memo book that claims to be versatile and easy to use to keep organized notes of your film exposure logs.

PhotoMemo works for any format of film you use–from the smallest formats, all the way up to sheet film and instant film. You can take general notes on each roll, or you can log data for each exposure. Each two-page spread is designed as a “roll journal,” which has space to notate data such as camera/lens choice, film type, and more. It also offers ample area for free notes, sketches, lists, and anything else.

PhotoMemo comes in easy-to-carry around, pocket-friendly sizes (5.5″ x 3.75″ / 13.9cm x 9.5cm), has 48 pages in total with 22 two-page spreads and is made of acid-free, archival quality paper. You can find more information about PhotoMemo here.