Marcin Sacha: The Need to Convey Feelings in Images

These montages are a disconcerting, images reminiscent of a fever dream. The photographs of Marcin Sacha plays on the tension between reality and fantasy.

Tell me a bit about your art and photography.

I began with nature photography and later, landscapes. I recently became also interested in pictures on the boundary of photography and graphics. Photography is my way of escaping from the reality, the way to experience real freedom. With the aid of it I would like to show my subjective vision of the world. The world which is mysterious, strange, alien, not fully understood but beautiful.


For all my life I have been fascinated with mathematics and geometry shapes and forms of space. Hence my interest in finding in the chaos of the world simple and geometric forms, attempts to create illusions of space on a flat surface of the image, playing with lines, solids and chiaroscuro.I would like to convey to a viewer my emotions related to the experience of space.

In my photo montage I often use paper, clay, bricks and ceramic forms made by myself. I create from them the scenery and by playing with the light I try to get interesting abstracts, which imbue a specific mood of composition of light and shadow in the plane of the frame. My worlds even if habited by people are dominated by shapes, shadows and lights. These worlds are alien to them.


Why do you shoot black and white?

Not all of my photographs are black and white. I often use colors too. If, in a certain photo, the light and shadow are fundamental elements which build the space of the image, then using only B&W is sufficient. Additionally removing the colors strips the image off reality. Most of us see the world in colors everyday, so getting rid of them makes the picture unreal and allows you to better focus on the form of messaging itself.


What inspired you to create these photographs?

My photographs are created from the inner needs and these visions reflect my personal relationship with the world. I would like to convey a certain emotions of a limbo between two worlds. Emotions similar to those we experience on liminal space between sleep and consciousness.

I find inspirations from the art world in paintings of Chirico, Sironi, Beksiński, and also in Bergman’s films.


What do you think creates moods in photography?

Through various photographic techniques things that are familiar to us from the real world, can be shown otherwise, assemble in other configurations and cause the world which was known, friendly to become to seem alien, strange and mysterious. In this world, the viewer does not feel confident and this is the way to create a mood and induce strong emotions. I think that the real contact with art is possible only through the emotions.


What does surrealism mean to you, are these photos surreal?

For me surrealism is a looking at the world in an unconventional way. Undermining clichés. Rejecting the logical way of thinking. Giving precedence to emotions. I do not create my photographs with a thinking , that they could be pigeonholed. But I wish this what I think about surrealism could describe them.


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