Wacom Announces MobileStudio Pro: Two New Pen Computers with Built-In Creative Tools

Today, Wacom announced the release of two all new mobile pen computers dubbed, MobileStudio Pro. The new computers are designed to give users freedom to create anywhere offering mobile flexibility and computing and graphics power that meets the demanding needs of creatives. Available in two sizes and multiple configurations, the units also include Wacom’s all-new Pro Pen 2 offering enhanced sensitivity and accuracy.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro consists of two computers, the MobileStudio Pro 13 and MobileStudio Pro 16. Available in multiple configurations, each computer is full-featured and designed to run professional 2D, 3D, and CAD applications. Software programs such as SolidWorks, Adobe Premiere Pro, have been tested to run effortlessly giving users a newfound freedom to creative on the go. Both models can be maxed out with up to 16GB of RAM, an i7 processort, and NVIDIA graphics with up to 512GB of storage.


The displays on each unit are also a major selling point as they offer high resolution and color accuracy. Each display covers 96% of Adobe RGB color spectrum and features an etched glass surfaces that feels like more akin to pen and paper. Another key feature is the inclusion of Wacom’s Pro Pen 2, a much natural and precise pen compared to their previous models. The Pro Pen 2 is 4x more pressure sensitive, 4x more accurate, has virtually no lag, no parralax, and requires to batteries or recharging, just pick up and start creating.


Lastly, the Wacom has also announced a collection of accessories for the devices including a wireless keyboard, the wacom link which allows you to attach the MobileStudio Pro to your Mac or PC, and a mobile stand to provide users with different viewing/drawing angles.

The Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 and MobileStudio Pro 16 will be available for purchase in November. Find out more about these exciting new offerings by visiting Wacom’s website here.