The Kootek Lens Kit Tries to Be an All-in-One Solution for Smartphone Cameras

While advancement in smartphone camera has enabled photography to be extremely mobile, there are inevitable mobile phone photography limitations such as ambient lighting conditions and fixed focal length. Kootek four-in-one lens kit with an LED fill light takes care of these two limitations on the smartphone camera.

The Kootek four-in-one lens kit comes with a 198-degree fisheye lens, a macro lens, a wide angle lens, and an LED fill light that can be attached via clip-on to your smartphone camera. The fisheye and wide angle lens converters can open up superbly wider perspective in framing, while the macro lens converter is suitable for getting in much closer to your subjects. The LED fill light will improve lighting conditions when necessary, working better than the regular built in flash in mobile phones by providing warm neutral color tones with adjustable brightness levels for more natural looking images. 

At the cost of only $20 this is a no brainer to add creative options to what you can do with your day to day smartphone photography. You may find out more information here.