EIZO Simplifies Color Management System With Quick Color Match

EIZO has just launched Quick Color Match, a new software solution that greatly simplifies color management system settings. Color matching and calibration is a tedious and time consuming process for photographers from monitor adjustment to determining the best retouching software and printer settings to achieve an accurate print. That’s exactly one of the problems that EIZO is trying to solve.

Quick Color Match was developed under a collaboration between EIZO and Adobe, Canon, and Epson. Quick Color Match automatically adjusts a compatible ColorEdge monitor’s gain, brightness, gamma, and color space (Adobe RGB) and creates a profile for these settings that is optimized for the selected printer paper type. Dragging and dropping a photo into the Quick Color Match window automatically opens Adobe Photoshop and adjusts the software to EIZO’s recommended color settings based on the printer and paper being used.

Quick Color Match is now available as a free download. For hardware and software compatibility details, visit the EIZO global website here.