The Litescala 1 is A Macro Light Diffuser for Mobile Photography

Agnieszka and Ernest Lysak, makers of the most insane macro flash adapter we’ve ever seen, announced the release of their latest innovative photography gadget, the Litescala 1. The Litescala 1 is a macro diffuser for mobile photography.

The diffuser has two outlet channels divided by one blade, by which users can smoothly control the amount of illuminance at any percentage. This allows for stepless control of the shadow’s direction, enabling limitless effects in chiaroscuro modeling. In addition, there is also a lens holder which allows users to create complete macro photography images right from their smartphones. Check out the video below to see it in action.

The first model of the Litescala 1 will be available for use with iPhone 6/6s with a release date TBD.