Mission: Pic Offers Daily Prizes for 365 Photo Challenges

Taking a photo a day is a huge undertaking with big returns if it’s done with intent. The 365 photo challenge is a popular concept that motivates the photographer to shoot one photograph a day, striving to look for something fresh and different day to day, and tell a compelling story after compiling it into a full year long project–and that’s what Mission: Pic is trying to take to the next level.

Mission: Pic aims to re-introduce the 365 photo challenge with a twist. While the traditional 365 photo challenge is mostly a solo project, Mission: Pic is a mobile App (iOS devices only) that allows you to play with your friends through photography missions every day. Every one gets the same new photo challenge each day, you take a photo that fulfils the challenge’s criteria, and then the community votes on the photos, creating a leader-board of amazing photography. Now here is the exciting part, the daily winner will be sent a prize, which is the print of his winning photograph embossed with the winning seal and a handwritten postcard of congratulatory notes.

Mission: Pic team has also released simple to understand videos on Youtube to help improve general photography. You can check out their first video on Rule of Thirds here. 

For more information you can find Mission: Pic’s official website here.