The Sun-Sniper Rotaball Strap-Surfer Attaches To Your Camera Bag

In interesting gear news, Sun-Sniper has just announced their new Rotaball Strap-Surfer, a camera strap that they’re targeting at owners of small and mirrorless camera systems.

The Rotaball Strap-Surfer is a unique camera strap in that it connects to your shoulder bag or camera bag. Sun Sniper claims that the strap’s design allows it to slide effortlessly along your bags existing strap. This is a great alternative to Sun-Sniper’s other dedicated straps such as the Sun-Sniper Rotaball Pro Sniper Strap. The overall idea: connect the camera to your bag instead of slinging it over your shoulder without sacrificing functionality and convenience of a dedicated sling strap. When not in use, you can let your camera hang as normal or store it in your bag if attached to a camera bag. Pretty cool, no?!

The Sun-Sniper Rotaball Strap-Surfer is available today at camera stores worldwide. And read more about this awesome new piece of gear at Sun-Sniper’s website here.