Claire Droppert’s Emotions Series is Straight Out of A Fantasy Novel

All Images By Claire Droppert. Used Under Creative Commons License

Traditionally when one thinks of Portraits almost always people are the subject, but today we have a special series to share with you. Claire Droppert’s Emotions series featuring horse portraits looks like something out of a fantasy novel.

“I’m always fascinated by the contours of horses, the emotions and expressions they exude and their elegant, noble appearance.” Droppert says regarding her inspiration, “In this series, I intend to focus primarily on the character, elegance, power and nobleness of the horse. Working with tones, colours and contrasts, I wanted to create a feeling that will appeal to your emotions.”

Utilizing a Canon 5DS R combined with a 16-35mm F/2.8L II USM, Claire took to the beach to shoot these epic portraits of a horse named Chippie. “Being rather timid and apprehensive at first, Chippie didn’t go into the water straight away, but when he did, it was great to watch him enjoy it, splash and move freely. The weather was perfect, with a subtle sky tone that wasn’t too contrasting, allowing me to solely focus on the horse.” Droppert noted about working with an animal as the subject.

It is always great to see portraiture that crosses from the realm of documentary reality into artistic fantasy, and that these portraits feature a horse takes it to another level. If you are curious about what went into this series and what Claire did to post produce the set you can checkout her blog post on it, it is a really interesting read for anyone who wonders how other photographers work and do things. You can find that blog post here.









Anthony Thurston

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