Focusing On Light, Photographer Dimitri Keungueu Captures The Frenzy of Midtown in his 8am /8pm Project

All images by Dimitri Keungueu. Used with Permission. 

New Yorker Dimitri Keungueu has spent the last two years, since moving to the big apple, developing and honing his skills as a street photographer. In his photo project, which he calls 8am /8pm, Keungueu captures the frenzy of midtown workers going to and from work – a necessity of his life, being a family man and having a demanding job. His work features a very high contrast black and white look, a focus on light and dark that he says is an important aspect of his style. “I like to play with daylight.” Keungueu tells The Phoblographer, “Because most of my shots are on my way to work, I started to become used to the light and to understand which spot was more interesting for me at a certain time in the morning.”

“I thought that it would be a good idea to use my time between my home and my work to take pictures. This became my 8 am / 8 pm project.” Keungueu says of the project, “I think that I just like it. It became a part of my daily life. I like to be attentive to the street, to the light, to people and to capture these little moments. I started to share my photos as a personal challenge and to see if other people were also seeing my stories in my shots.”

His gear of choice? Keungueu says that he started out with a Canon G16 before upgrading to micro four thirds, investing in a couple of Olympus offerings, an EPL6 and EM5. Lately though, Keungueu says he has grown very fond of his latest addition, the Ricoh GR. “I started to read about the Ricoh GR and , as I wanted to get a wider lens, I thought : ‘Let’s try it, it is not so much more than the price for the wide prime’. I had a period of adaptation but now I cannot live without it!”

You can see a selection of Keungueu’s work below, its really a treat for you lovers of street photography.
A determined eye

Door of light

From bus to work

King of the hill?
Morning challenge

Morning Starbuck

Running to work

The city wanderer

The first step out

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHang on-R0001855-Edit-1Morning thoughts-R0001724-Edit-1

The last one before work-R0001644-Edit-1


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