VSCO Announces New ‘Essentials’ Pack with 14 Presets

VSCO today announced the availability of their new ‘Essentials’ Pack, which features 14 of their “best and most loved film emulation presets from” each of their previous seven film packs. In other words, this is a ‘greatest hits’ album for anyone who has been wanting to get the VSCO presets but hasn’t been able to pick a pack.

This new essentials pack will give you a selection of the best and most popular presets from each pack, allowing you to get your VSCO on without having to shell out for each of the 7 previous packs to get your hands on these presets. It won’t be anything of note for anyone who already has multiple VSCO preset packs, considering this is just a mix of presets from their previous releases, but for anyone who doesn’t own a VSCO pack yet, or maybe just has one or two, this could be a good deal if it includes presets from the other packs that you have been wanting to get your hands on.

VSCO Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Preset

VSCO Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Preset Example

In addition to the actual presets, purchasers will also get VSCO’s tools, which include 26 tools and brushes to help users fine-tune their VSCO experience or process their images in a more controlled way, vs tweaking presets manually. The pack is compatible with Lightroom and Adobe Camer Raw just like the rest of their film packs.

The new essentials pack will retail for $59 US, just like the rest of their film preset packs. You can learn more about it, view some sample images, and purchase the new pack over on the VSCO website here.

Anthony Thurston

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