PhotoShelter is Giving its Pro Members Unlimited Storage

julius motal the phoblographer

Anytime you sign up for a photography service, you often weigh the benefits of paying for a membership with substantial perks against not paying if there’s a free option. One of the deciding factors is largely storage space because that’ll largely determine how you size your photos. The smaller the amount, the smaller the files will have to be to make the most of it. PhotoShelter is joining Squarespace in doing something rather large: unlimited storage.

This nifty addition comes for Pro members of PhotoShelter. That membership tier is, however, a considerable investment at $49.99 a month or $549 for the year though there are robust tools in place to both organize, market and sell your work. If you often take on big gigs and produce large galleries of images, this would be worth considering. More over, you don’t have to worry about hi-res images filling up your site, including those massive PSD, TIFF and RAW files. It’s a mighty fine addition if you can afford it. The lower tier options offer 100 GB ($29.99/mo or $329.99/yr) and 4 GB ($9.99/mo or $109.99/yr).

The last biggest surprise was when Flickr shook things up a few years back with its overhauled service and introduction one free terabyte of storage for all members, both free and paid. It used to be that Flickr Pro members had unlimited storage, but with the redesign, everyone had a 1TB cap. Flickr, though, isn’t typically a portfolio choice.

A well-crafted portfolio site is a necessity for many photographers, and there are a wealth of options out there of which PhotoShelter is a part. Take a look, and see if it’s right for you.