Watch the Art and Craft of Forensic Photography

julius motal the phoblographer forensic photography

Forensic photographers have a grisly job. Dealing with gruesome evidence on a daily basis isn’t easy, and the job is becoming eclipsed cheaper digital technology. Nick Marsh has been a forensic photographer for over 20 years, and for him, forensic photography is much more than just cataloguing evidence for presentation in the courtroom.

For Marsh, forensic photography is as mental as it is physical, and he sees evidence everywhere he goes. If he’s at a restaurant, he’ll notice your fingerprints on the glass. He approaches his craft as a photojournalist might, with an attention detail and honesty.

“Technology’s had a massive impact. In reality, it’s decimated the number of photographers employed by police forces. Everybody’s got a phone, an iPad, a compact camera, even a small digital SLR, doesn’t make you a photographer. It just makes you somebody who has a camera,” Marsh says of how digital technology has affected his field.

To listen to Marsh talk about his craft is akin to listening to a great film director or an artist share their musings on the craft and how it’s changed. Check out the video below by David Beazley.

The Forensic Photographer from Beazknees on Vimeo.