Canon Introduces the SX410 IS and the ELPH 350 HS


The point-and-shoot space is alive and well, at least with Canon on the scene. The company is set to release two new cameras in its SX and ELPH lines. The SX is Canon’s superzoom line, and the ELPH is Canon’s basic point-and-shoot line.

The new superzoom is the SX410 IS, which sports 40x optical zoom and built-in image stabilization. It packs a 20 MP CCD sensor, and it weighs just 11.5 oz. While it can’t fit in your pocket, it’ll fit in your bag and barely add any weight. It has creative filters to add some versatility to your image making, and it has 720p HD video capability.

It’ll arrive in red and black in March 2015 for $279.00.

The new point-and-shoot is the ELPH 350 HS. This camera has a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor and 12x optical zoom. The 350 HS’s ISO range tops out at 3200, and it has built-in wi-fi to facilitate sharing to your favorite platforms. It also has NFC, which will work with some Android devices. Unlike the SX410 IS, the ELPH 350 HS has 1080p HD video.

It’ll arrive in black and silver in March 2015 for $209.00.

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SX410 IS