Ilford Teased a Harman Titan 120 Medium Format Pinhole Camera at Photokina


Image courtesy of Überlicht

The Leica M-A wasn’t the only film camera announced at Photokina, Überlicht also caught a glimpse of Ilford’s prototype Harman Titan 120 pinhole camera. As you might have surmised from the name, the camera was designed to shoot with 120mm medium film.

Overall the Titan 120 looks to be a smaller version of Ilford’s Harman Titan 4 x 5″ Pinhole Camera down to the injection molded ABS plastic body. The camera is reportedly just as rugged and splendid feeling as its smaller brethren.

Überlicht reports Harman has not decided whether the camera will be mass-produced. Supposedly the company is waiting to see how popular the prototype becomes among the photography community. However, if the TiTAN 120 does come to market, it will purportedly retail for €300 (about $381); a price tag that would put it between the Ilford’s 4 x 5” camera and the Harman Titan 8 × 10” Pinhole camera.

Be sure to check out Überlicht for more on the medium format pinhole camera.

Via Filmwasters

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.