Profoto’s B1 TTL Strobe is Now Available for Nikon Users

Profoto Air Remote TTL-N

Hey Nikon strobists—you’re welcome. Profoto has announced its will release its Air Remote TTL-N wireless radio transmitter on September 15, which will allow users to remotely command Profoto B1 Air TTL radio-controlled studio monolight. In our review of the TTL flash for Canon bodies we found the Profoto B1 Air TTL to be amazing at providing even, soft lighting while at the same time acting like a light canon even with the sun out.

Now with the Air Remote TTL-N coming out soon, those with Nikon bodies will have the joy of using the Profoto B1 Air TTL as well. The new trigger will be practically the same as Canon’s version. In TTL mode it reads ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and the like to automatically adjust the power of the monolight just like a speedlight.

But before we get to the official launch of the trigger, Profoto is also announcing a new contest for Nikon test pilots to try out the Air Remote TTL-N (plus a Profoto B1) ahead of time. You’ll have to do more than sign up though. Profoto is looking to send out test units to photographers who come up with the “most creative and inspiring (yet doable)” photo shoot.

The best thing is photographers who get their hands on these early units will be able to keep them. You’ll have to post a story and your images to Profoto’s social channels but it’s a small cost to pay for roughly $2390 in lighting gear. The deadline to submit your best ideas is August 25th so act quick.

Profoto has yet to announce a price for its new Nikon trigger but we’ll hazard a guess it will cost $395 just like the Canon version. Check out a very percussion-filled video of this amazing lighting system after the break.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.