Reports Hint at a Fourth Nikon Full Frame DSLR Line at Photokina

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Nikon D810 first impressions product images (2 of 8)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 5.6

The latest early reports from Nikon Rumors says the Japanese Camera company will announce a new full frame DSLR that will slot in between the D610 and D810. Supposedly the new camera will feature a lightweight body similar to the D610 or Nikon Df. The camera could also be the second in Nikon’s DSLR line to sport a tilting LCD next to the D5300.

Internally the camera is said to come with Nikon’s latest tech including a possibly new 24MP sensor, Expeed 4 imaging processor, and Wi-Fi support. Nikon Rumors reports the camera could come at the end of August to early September, making it another Photokina contender. Pricing will purportedly sit around $2,500, which would also position it between the $1,896.95 D610 and $3,296.95 D810.

The Nikon D610 serves as a decently good full frame DSLR—but in the hands of the experienced it can feel very entry level. This new model, however, could add a few niceties including that tilting screen and perhaps a better autofocus system. These upgrades could give a more tantalizing full frame camera for prosumers similar to how the D7100 fits into Nikon’s DX family.

Based on early reports, Photokina could be a very revelatory show for Nikon. Rumors have been fanning smoke signals of a new D300s successor for months now. However, the company states that the D7100 is the D300s successor–though many Nikon users refuse to believe it. If Nikon introduces a new full frame camera as well it could be an exciting year for DSLR diehards; let alone Holiday Season 2014.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.