The Beautiful Anti-Consumerism Plastic Bag Landscape Photographs of Vilde Rolfsen

Plastic Bag Landscapes

All photographs taken by Vilde Rolfsen. Used with permission.

Raising awareness on the impact non-biodegradable waste has never been so good and elegant until you see conceptual and environmentally-conscious photographer Vilde Rolfsen‘s Plastic Bag Landscapes series, a result of another happy accident and in which she used discarded plastic bags – some of which she found in the street – to create stunning and visually gentle landscapes that would make Iceland proud.

In Plastic Bag Landscapes, Vilde sought a less aggressive way to promote anti-consumerism and raise awareness on how much plastic bags and other landfill waste humankind consumes, so with discarded plastic bags, proper lighting, and some colored background, she transformed the inside of said plastic bags, all wrinkled and creased, to capture magical and surreal lands that you’d probably want to explore had they been real.

We recently caught up with Vilde to talk about her wonderful creations and how she’s using his minimalist style photography to disseminate information on environmental issues. Read her interview and see more images from the series after the jump.


Plastic Bag LandscapesPhoblographer: How did plastic bag landscapes come about?

Vilde: It was kinda by mistake. I was going to shoot a series of still lives and I had carried all the items in a plastic bag. I placed the items and the plastic bag onto the table top to do a test shot and then I saw it through he camera lens. I had been wanting to do a series confronting the environmental issues our consumer society creates and this turned out to become that project.

Phoblographer: What’s the main concept behind these images?

Vilde: The main concept is to raise awareness around the impact of plastic and other waste have on our environment. I wanted to do a project where the environmental message was not forced or pushed on the viewer. I wanted people to understand the message by them selves, and I think my images manages to do so.

Phoblographer: How did you achieve such amazing shots with discarded plastic bags, which are essentially just waste to most people?

Vilde: This is, I think, why my images manages to rase awareness, because they are essentially ‘just’ plastic bags. It is when you see something so domestic or normal in a photograph, styled to the almost unrecognisable that you pay it any attention.

Phoblographer: Your portfolio is very diverse, at least at first glance. Despite their obvious differences, is there a common underlying theme in your projects?

Vilde: Yes. My images all speak of and against the consumer society. If it is using trash as a prop for other items, or transforming found objects into art to show how much we actually care aboutobjects, I think all my series have the same underlying themes.

Phoblographer: What’s next for Vilde Rolfsen? Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Vilde: Many things I hope. I have just started a collaboration with a new online art gallery, Wunderkammer. I also have two exhibitions coming up, one at the Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair and one in LA at the EarthWe gallery and maybe a clothing line. I just moved back to Oslo again so hopefully I’ll get my own studio soon!


Plastic Bag Landscapes
Plastic Bag Landscapes