Google+ Photos Might Be the Next Flickr Competitor

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Google+ seems to be on its way out but on the plus side Google may roll out a better service dedicated to images and photographers. A new Bloomberg report suggests as much, stating Google will section out the Photos section by giving it more autonomy. Supposedly the search company hopes to catch the attention of more users who have since avoided its services thanks to its association with Google+.

One possible direction for the new Photos service is it would turn into a very Flickr-esque site. Like Flickr, Google Plus already displays pictures with an elegant interface and all the important EXIF data. To top it off Google+ Photos has some unique powerful features including the options to edit your videos and images through a cloud editor. However it still lags behind sorely behind in popularity compared many other options including 500px and Instagram.

On the contrary, there are a few improvements we would like to see, namely bumping up the storage from 15GB, space that’s also split between Google Drive and Gmail, to something closer to Flickr’s 1TB of digital storage. Hopefully the rumors are true because there’s a lot we love about Google+ Photos and this could be the kick in the pants to finally make it a darling in the photography world.

Via ArsTechnica

Kevin Lee

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