Now There’s a Meetup Group for Shooting Food With Your Phone

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Sony RX100 Mark III 24 mm 1-30 sec at f - 1.8 ISO 400

If there’s one thing foodies love more than food it’s taking photos of tasty morsels, and now there’s new Meetup group called FoodShootrs that mashes these two great passions together.

According to the NYC based meetup group, a FoodShootr is anyone that takes and shares mobile photos of delicious and tantalizing #foodporn. FoodShootrs will have small meet ups, rebranded as Eatups, with up to 10 people. These small gatherings will be centered on particular dishes highlighted on the FoodShootr iPhone app and they just won’t just include restaurant, food trucks and all sorts of public dining spots are also fair game.

Of course the real benefit of Eatups will turn food photography from social experience on Instagram into a real life discussion. FoodShootrs can give each other tips on shooting food with their iPhones and Android handsets, and then discuss all the umami flavors of the meal afterwards. After all food and photography is always better with company.

Go figure…

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.