Mike Kandel: Paris in Monochrome

All photographs taken by Mike Kandel. Used with permission.

D.C.-based travel, music, and documentary photographer and world traveller Mike Kandel recently visited the City of Love and, awed by what he saw and experienced, captured Paris’ beauty as well as quirks through his lens. Also known as the City of Lights, it is a destination sought after by most–not only because of its richness in culture, arts, cuisine and romance, but also because, incidentally it’s also one of the most stunning. Expenses aside, we can all agree that it’s worth visiting at least once in our lives.

In his mesmerizing Parisian photo series, Mike undresses the city of its usual color and documents it in monochrome. Why, you say? Well, according to him,

“Paris is beautiful no matter how you view it, but through a monochrome lens, its true elegance and character become strikingly apparent. Removing color from a place so rich in fashion, art and culture impresses a fresh perspective upon both the tourist and seasoned resident. You see things differently, and find magnificence between shades of gray that you may have missed walking the colorized streets in person.”

By capturing the city in black and white, Mike effectively strips Paris down to its core perfection, proving once again that the city’s beauty is in its details, people, architecture, and charmingly-old streets, as well as brings forth a feeling of nostalgia reminiscent of Paris’ artistic glory days when legends like Hemingway, Dali, and Bunuel roamed its streets.

See Mike Kandel’s monochrome photographs after the jump.

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