EyeEm Reveals Stats on its Photography Festival and Competition

2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards Photo 4

It’s been just under two months since EyeEM announced it’s photo competition and it’s already collated some interesting stats from the mass of entries so far. The mobile imaging platform, community, and stock image marketplace reports most common type of image it has received thus far have been landscapes, portraits, square Instagram-esque frames, other, and lastly panoramas.

EyeEm also noted that origin of most of the photos entered into the competition come from Berlin closely followed by New York City and then Arad. Interestingly the top 10 countries meanwhile swap places with the United States topping the charts, then Germany and the United Kingdom. While statistics aren’t super interesting, they could be useful for photographers looking to make themselves unique from the rest of the competition (hint: take a photo of something other than a landscape of Berlin).

The competition is still open to new entries until August 1st. Photographer interested in entering only need to worry about producing pictures that EyeEm calls “real photography” as the range of categories span “The Portraitist, Street Photographer, Illuminators, Storytellers, Stylists,” and many more. After the closing date for entries a panel of judges including photography experts from The Verge, Huffington Post, and The Phoblographer’s very own Chris Gampat will select the winners.

The winning photos will be published in a book and put on display during the EyeEm festival in Berlin. Following the big event, the exhibition will travel around the world to Cologne, NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, London, Rio, and Melbourne. Check past the break for more statistics and images from the competition.

Top 10 cities:

  1. Berlin
  2. New York City
  3. Arad
  4. Singapore
  5. Jakarta
  6. Porto Alegre
  7. Paris
  8. City of London
  9. Istanbul
  10. Melbourne

Top 10 countries:

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. Brazil
  7. Australia
  8. France
  9. Indonesia
  10. Romania

2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards Photo 3

2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards Photo 1

2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards Photo 2

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.