Helena Georgiou’s Surreal Photos Convey a Beautifully Dark World


All images taken by Helena Georgiou. Used with permission.

Cyprus-based digital artist and photographer Helena Georgiou often walks the fine line between fantasy and reality, and every so often, she veers off that line to make her way from one realm to the other: observing and exploring. 

This is evident enough in her remarkable work, with which she creates windows to a bizarre world that only a few have the pleasure of free entry. Her images possess a certain beautiful madness to them that could only come from the clashing of realism and the metaphysical or the make-believe. And as if that isn’t enough, she also takes elements in nature and combines them with discards of men, resulting in what looks like a dark dystopian future where animals have lived on long after the cities of men have fallen.

We recently caught up with Helena for a nice chat about her creations. Read on to hear what she has to say and to see a sampling of her surreal work.

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Phoblographer: How would you describe your art? Tell us more about what you do?


Elena: My art is placed in the category photo manipulation, which means it’s a combination of photography and graphic design. The point is to combine certain elements/photos to create a unique image, which of course requires a creative set of skills. 

Phoblographer: How do you come up with the concepts for your shots?      

Elena: My ideas and inspiration come from daily life events, thoughts, inner feelings, past, and dreams. These are among the things that inspire me to create each photo. 

Phoblographer: Rocks and boulders are almost always present in your images. Do they signify something for you as an artist?


Elena: The rocks and boulders means stability, something hard and powerful. I use these elements in my photos to signify the power that I think everyone has internally. 

Phoblographer: Any upcoming projects for you we should keep an eye out for?

Elena: Creation is a part of my life. I don’t have  a specific project in the works right now, but it would be a great pleasure for me to participate in charity events if the opportunity presents itself.