Andy Lee’s Landscapes Digital Infrared Landscapes Will Leave You in Awe


All photographs shot by and used with permission from Andy Lee.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows about Iceland’s best kept secrets, what with all those mind-blowing images and time-lapses we often see on the web. As if those weren’t enough, we see Iceland in movies and in TV shows as well. Not that anybody can blame those who seek out the country’s landscapes – they are quite possibly out of this world! But it would be refreshing to see a different take on them.

Enter photographer, creative director, filmmaker, and all around artist Andy Lee. He takes on Iceland with a different perspective, if you must, using digital infrared to capture the country’s highlights, and it’s truly effective.

In Lee’s epic but also somehow minimalistic photographs, there’s a clear line between light and darkness, as if he just happens upon scenes where lone mountains, modest chapels, and waterfalls take center stage and literally have the one spotlight in the entire theater directed upon them and nowhere else. And not only does Lee have a knack for emphasizing his subjects, drawing his spectators’ attention immediately to them, he knows how to perfectly set the overall mood of his photographs, evoking emotions from their viewers.

This is one take on Iceland that I’m sure we’d all like to see more of.

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