Woman Dances with Tiger Sharks in Conservancy Photo Project



All images taken by and used with permission from Shawn Heinrichs.

To quote Erik Olsen of the New York Times, “If you were one of the species up for listing on the endangered list, it would be hard to find a better friend than Shawn Heinrichs.”

That statement is pretty spot on, as the award-winning cinematographer and photographer is indeed one of the leading marine conservationists today. Looking through Shawn’s impressive and inspiring portfolio, which he publishes under Blue Sphere Media, his Colorado-based production company, you’ll know straightaway that this is a man who’s not only devoted to his craft, but is also using it to making our world a better place. He’s not only produced imaginative underwater films and shorts to promote awareness about sea creatures in danger of extinction, he’s also done some pretty hard investigative work to uncover the shocking details of the ongoing slaughter of these animals, all in the name of profit.

Shawn has a plethora of beautiful underwater films that seem to emphasize on the seemingly lost harmony between marine animals and humans under his belt, with the help of his fellow marine life activist and professional mermaid, Hannah Fraser. Together, they’ve created films that will just break your heart, working with endangered wild Pilot whales and even an unfortunate scratched-up Humpback whale to show their plight.

But as amazing as their previous videos are, it’s their most recent project that’s got everyone’s tongues wagging. In their latest video, Hannah and Shawn find themselves amidst a gam of Tiger sharks, considered the deadliest shark species in the world, with Hannah wearing only bikini and body paint while performing a graceful water dance while the sharks swam around her. The video is a protest against the global massacre of these powerful predators, as Shawn himself explains, and part of their feature film, Tears of a Mermaid, coming out next year.

“Sharks are being wiped out at an alarming rate, to the tune of over 100 million per year across the oceans. Unfortunately, because sharks are apex predators, public sympathy does not fall in their favor. This is especially true for the large ‘predatory’ sharks such as Great Whites, Tiger Sharks and Bull sharks. As a result, actions such as the Australian shark cull are able to proceed without consequence. It is time for the world to realize the true nature of these large predatory sharks, that they are intelligent, sentient creatures, deserving of our respect and protection. And this is the precise message of ‘Tigress Shark”.

See the incredible footage and unbelievable photos from the upcoming movie below.

For more information about Shawn Heinrichs conservancy efforts and get information on how you help, please visit his website at www.bluespheremedia.com.

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