This Timelapse of Spain’s El Teide is Like the Most Beautiful Acid Trip You’ve Ever Been On

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The Canary Island’s El Teide’s main claim to fame is that its summit is the highest point in all of Spain, but it’s also known to photographers, astronomers, and star gazers as one of the best places in the world to photograph the night sky that will also completely mesmerize you. In fact, it’s home to the world-renowned astronomical observatory of Teide for its excellent astronomical visibility conditions.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that many photographers frequent its peak to capture the night sky, not the least of whom is Terje Sørgjerd, more popularly known to the world as TSO and whose work has appeared on Discovery Channel and NatGeo, to name a few.

Three years ago, he ventured up to El Teide’s peak and spent week to capture its stunning views of the Milky Way and the nearby landscapes. He was first to admit that it wasn’t an easy undertaking – it involved a lot of hiking through the high country carrying heavy gear, not enough sleep to make up for it, and even a massive sandstorm (see it at 00:32 in the video); but the beautiful images he came home with were well worth the trip.

You can see it for yourself by watching his incredible timelapse called “The Mountain.” Filled with not just the stunning night sky sparkling with stars and our own galaxy, but also greens, golden yellows, bluest of blues, and the setting sun peaking through the trees, this timelapse is one of the best three minutes you’ll ever spend in your life.

See it after the jump.

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