The Lytro Illum Sports a 1/1.2-inch 40-megaray CMOS sensor

Lytro Illum

Almost two months ago Lytro introduced its first serious camera aimed at photographers and creative pioneers who wanted to take advantage of its refocusing light-field technology. While the camera originally launched with only a few specs including its 40-megaray sensor, we have now received a full technical breakdown of the Lytro Illum.

Firstly the camera really is as massive as it looks measuring 3.38 x 5.70 x 6.53 inches (86mm x 145 mm x 166 mm) and weighing just over two pounds. This is largely thanks to the camera being made out of magnesium and aluminum with a silicone grip. The camera has 3.19-crop factor, which turns its 9.5 – 77.8 mm lens into an equivalent 30-250 mm focal length range. It’s a bit lacking in the wide-angle territory but on the bright side it’s also a constant f2.0 aperture.

Tucked inside there’s a 1/1.2-inch 40-megaray CMOS sensor. While there’s no “real” metric known as megarays all that matters is the Illum creates 7728 x 5368 resolution images. It also has a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second and continuous shooting mode, but there’s no word on fps. The only thing lacking about the Lytro Illum is its 480 x 800 resolution (or 320k dot) screen but it does come on a dual tilting hinge.

The Lytro Illum is up for preorder now for $1499 on Lytro’s site. It’s a big chunk of change but those who own Lytro’s original camera can get a 20% discount. Read on for more specifications of the Lytro Illum.


Dimensions                                     86mm x 145 mm x 166 mm

Weight                                               940 grams / 33.15 oz / 2.07 lbs

Body                                                  Magnesium and Aluminum

Grip and lens rings                         Silicone



Focal Length                                     9.5 – 77.8 mm (30 – 250 mm equivalent)

Crop Factor                                       3.19

Zoom                                                8x

Lens Aperture                                               Constant f/2.0

Macro                                                 Focus to 0 mm from lens front

Macro Ratio                                     1 : 3


Image Sensor

Sensor Type                                     CMOS

Light Field Resolution                               40 Megaray

Processor                                           Snapdragon® processor by QUALCOMM® Incorporated

Sensor Format                                              1/1.2″

Native Resolution                           7728 x 5368 pixels

Active Area                                       10.82 x 7.52 mm



Format                                               Light Field Picture

Aspect Ratio                                     3 : 2

2D export resolution                       4MP peak output

Custom White Balance                               Yes

File/Picture Storage                       SD memory card slot (SD card not included)



Shutter Type                                     Focal plane

Fastest Shutter Speed                               1/4000 sec

Continuous Shooting Options       Single or Continuous

Self-Timer                                         Yes



Exposure Metering System           Scene Evaluative

Exposure Histogram                      In Live View and Playback

Exposure Modes                              Program, ISO Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual

Exposure Compensation                Yes

Exposure Bracketing                       Yes

Exposure Lock                                  Yes

Clipping Warning                            Yes


Focus / Autofocus

Auto-focus Modes                           Region AF



Touchscreen                                    Yes

Screen Size                                       4″ LCD rear screen

Screen Resolution                           480 x 800

Screen Angle of View                     Up to 80 degrees

Adjustable Brightness                    Yes

Screen Type                                      back-lit LCD

Articulated Angles                          -10 to +90

Articulated LCD                              Dual hinge tilting

Live view                                           Yes



In Camera Picture Review             Yes

Light Field Playback function       Refocus


Menus / Interface

Customizable Buttons                     Yes



Battery                                               Removable Li-Ion battery

Battery Charging                              Standalone wall charger and USB



Hot-shoe                                           ISO compatible hot shoe with center pin sync manual and Lytro-TTL

Tripod Socket                                               Standard 1/4″-20

Cable Shutter Release Compatible         Yes

USB                                                     Micro USB 3.0



Technology                                       Lytro Light Field Sensor and Lytro Light Field Engine 2.0

Wireless                                          Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac enabled

Software                                           Includes a free desktop application for importing, processing and interacting with living pictures from the camera. Software requires Mac OS 10.8.5 or higher or Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8.

E-Waste                                             RoHS certified

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Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.