HBO’s Veep Offers the Most Concise Critique of Camera Choice

julius motal veep

In less than 30 seconds, VEEP managed to debunk the notion that a pricier camera is necessary in every situation. Patrick Fischler has a cameo as Ken, a lipreading photographer who’s photographing an event with a 5D. Jonah, the President’s liaison, casually asks what gear Ken’s using, and when Ken says a 5D, Jonah asks why not a 1D? Ken goes to town in a quick series of questions, and Jonah barely has a reply.

It’s a smart and funny critique of the amateur approach to camera purchases that has all of us here laughing because we’ve come across it before. While the camera is important, it is the person holding it that determines what comes out of it, and the 1D in the hands of a character like Jonah won’t do anything more for him than a midrange DSLR would. The “But I have a 1D” retort tells us everything we need to know the person saying it.

Head on past the break for the clip.

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