Could One of Fujifilm’s Medium Format Film Cameras Be Getting a Digital Update?

Fuji GF670

Fujifilm has been doing a stunning job rounding out its mirrorless X camera family but soon it could finally reveal something bigger than an APS-C system. Mirrorless Rumors has it on good authority that Fujifilm is partnering with Sony to create a medium format 50MP digital sensor for a future mirrorless camera with a fixed lens. The sensor may also be Sony made: which means that it may be the same CMOS sensor in the Phase One IQ250 that we previously reviewed.

On paper the camera almost sounds like a bigger brother to the retro cult-favorite X100 and X100s. The camera is said to closely resemble the Fuji’s GF670 film rangefinder and it will come this summer. Supposedly the camera will also feature the Fuji X-PRO 1’s hybrid viewfinder tech, combining a digital-overlaid optical viewfinder with your standard EVF.

It’s an interesting development that’s got us hot and bothered for a new, potentially bigger family of mirrorless Fujifilm cameras. The X100 was the first Fujifilm camera that launched an entire line of bodies from the X10 to the X-T1. We’ve got our fingers crossed this rumored medium format camera will do the same especially when we’ve heard early reports suggesting the X Pro 2 will feature a bigger sensor.

But in reality, this all sounds very familiar: Fujifilm back in the film days had lots of fixed lens medium format cameras. There was a GA645ZI and the GF670 for example. The former was 645 while the other was 6×7. If Fujifilm were to do this, it would most likely be a 645 version.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.