Learn How to Make a Pinhole Camera out of a Pringles Can

Pringles Can

Is there anything you can’t make a pinhole camera out of? Fresley, an adorably young, up and coming photographer posted a video on how to build a pinhole camera out of a Pringles can.  Firstly, you’ll need a couple of things including a ruler, scissors, a knife, tape that’s opaque like duct tape or electrical tape, wax paper, markers, and of course, a Pringles can.

Next up Fresley says to cut the Pringles tube from the bottom-up down to 12 centimeters. After that trace the bottom of the  tube onto a piece of wax paper and then cut it a bit larger so that the paper spills over the sides of the can and tape it down. Once you’ve done all that, place the top of the can back and tape it together so that you have a chamber to put the film in. Lastly, prick the bottom of a can with a hole.

It’s a neat way of building your own Pinhole camera out of a can of snack and don’t forget to stick around for the lesson in aperture at the very end of the video you can see past the break.

Via YouTube

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Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.