Photographer Forgets to Remove Leica M Lens Cap, Shoots 10 Perfectly Black Frames

Lecia M lenscap fail

Image courtesy of the NHL

We’ve all been there, that awkward moment when you try to take a photo only to realize you’ve still got your lens cap still on. Most of us would realize within seconds, slyly removing the lens cap whilst looking around suspiciously to see if anyone caught our fumble.

Well that’s most people.

The National Hockey League posted a video of a Leica M user trying to shoot a picture of a Stanley Cup completely oblivious to having his lens cap on. Whereas most of us would realize our mistake a step later, this unknown photographer just keeps on going for nearly 40 seconds. The mystery shooter even takes a few moments to check the camera’s settings, peeks at its top plate, and even changes settings partway through the clip. It’s amazing, really.

Sadly the video cuts out before his moment of realization but we hope he didn’t stand there all day trying to focus in on the backside of his lens cap. Seeing as the shooter was carrying around a Leica M as well as what appears to be a Nikon D610, he’s probably not a noob. But more likely was just using the camera’s optical rangefinder. You can see the video on the NHL’s website.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.