Get Nostalgic with This Slideshow of New York City in 1969

New York in 1969

New York City has come a long way from its early days but while many things have changed and happened – the city even suffering first hand and then rising from the ashes of one of the biggest tragedies in US history – it still is as grand and as proud as it was in the old days.

Today, new towers and high-rises, including the One World Trade Center, the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, grace the city’s majestic skyline; but it wasn’t always like this. In 1969, the current year for Mad Men’s seventh and final season and back when the original World Trade Center was still under construction, the city looks just a tad different.

A 10-minute slideshow on YouTube shows us how exactly the city looked before the feel good days of the 70s, with its parade of retro color slide images of NYC complete with markers all taken in 1969. And if those photographs alone won’t give you a bad case of nostalgia, the slideshow is also accompanied by Nat King Cole singing Mona Lisa, Too Young, and Smile in the background, just to make sure you really get that thoughtful longing for the past going.

Watch it after the jump.

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