More Full-Frame Sensors Coming to Canon DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras?

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We could see yet another explosion in the full-frame mirrorless crowd, Sony just introduced the A7s as its third entry into the field and soon Canon might have more full-frame cameras coming down the line. Canon Rumors reports that Canon is developing a new generation of full-frame CMOS sensors for a forthcoming mirrorless camera as well as updated versions of its prosumer DSLR models—one of which will very likely be the Canon 6D.

Supposedly Canon has figured out a manufacturing process that’s both lower cost and produces more usable sensors driving down the price of production. If this is true we could see full-frame sensors coming to a wider range of cameras including a possible full-frame version of Canon’s M series.

Additionally the new sensors are said to have Foveon-like technology. Foveon sensors, as seen in the Sigma SD14 and Sigma DP2, utilize a multi-layered design that allows each of the sensor’s pixels to capture color information without the need for colored filters. With this design, the sensor is able to capture a wider gamut of color where as a sensor with colored filters can partially lose the red spectrum of light.

As always we’re going to take this with a grain of salt but if the early reports prove to be true, Canon could have an interesting lineup for us as soon as Photokina.

Via Canon Rumors

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