Flickr App Has a New Design, Photo Filters Included


Following their recent photo page redesign, Flickr has applied that same sleeker, faster, and more convenient design to its mobile app but with a few extras. This means that the app has not only adopted the new more efficient photo viewing experience that lets you favorite, comment on, share, download, and look at the info of each photo sans all the tedious page jumping; but it’s also now competing with Instagram as far as taking photos with your phone is concerned.

Granted Flickr is a photo sharing space that’s been a home to and an outlet for many pros and hobbyists who shoot with proper cameras; but that doesn’t mean that the hosting website doesn’t have room for the more modern “snappers.” In fact, not only does Flickr allow connectivity to Instagram so mobile phone snappers can share their filter-heavy Instagram shots, now the Flickr app has actually mutated into one.

This new update doesn’t just allow you to take photos and post-process them, it actually makes available 14 photo filters that may make or break your smart phone snaps. And if you tap on a filter, the app lets you add vignetting to your shot. We’re not sure how these filters fare with Instagram’s, which admittedly are amazingly executed, but the app does offer the photo storing feature of the Flickr website, which Instagram clearly doesn’t have. Additionally, the update allows users to shoot high definition 30-second videos, which you can cut and apply the filters to.

Apparently, this redesign is part of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s initiative to drastically rebuild Flickr and take it to the next level. I’m not sure I’ll be using the Flickr app camera and filters soon, but this redesign does allow for an easier, faster, and more enjoyable photo viewing experience.

This update is available for both iOs and Android users.

Via The Verge