Watch This GoPro Video of a Snowboarder Rappelling a Rocky Cliff

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 7.35.13 AM

Whether or not you’ve snowboarded from a summit or even snowboarded before really, this latest GoPro video is something you’d have to experience.

Featuring professional and award-winning snowboarder Xavier de la Rue, who recently talked to CNN about cheating death and how being on the slopes is an addiction, this awesome video entitled Sketchy Cornice Rappel, one of the latest videos featured on GoPro’s YouTube channel, takes spectators on an exhilarating ride off a snow-capped uncomfortably-rocky mountain top that’s nothing short of amazing.

In it, you will see de la Rue being dropped off by a helicopter on top of a cornice, maneuvering himself down to a better spot to avoid the visible sharp rocks, and then snowboarding down what looks to be a high-angled path of gorgeous white powder on a sunny, blue sky day.

The video itself, which was – as is usual with many GoPro videos – taken from a first-person POV, is only 3 minutes long but the feeling it evokes in those few minutes is pretty freaking great. It may take a long time before many of us can get to de la Rue’s snowboarding level but it definitely makes it easier for us to imagine how it’ll feel if and when we do get there.

Watch it after the jump.

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