Flo: A Documentary About the Life of An Unlikely Photographer


We always hear these stories about people beating the odds, people doing the impossible, human beings conquering their disabilities to live their lives they way they want despite their limitations. These stories, no matter what size or form they come in, are always heart-warming and inspirational to hear. But somehow a story rings truer and hits closer to home when we’ve got something in common with subject of it, which is why we wanted to feature this moving 10-minute with you today.

Meet Flo Fox, a New York City-based street photographer who despite her physical limitations have continued shooting the everyday life in the streets of NYC. Flo has been, since 1999, disabled from the neck down due to multiple sclerosis. She’s also blind and suffers from lung cancer. But her unfortunate condition hasn’t discouraged or prevented her from doing her work; ever the resourceful woman that she is, she not only finds creative ways to do it like asking and directing people to take photos for her, she also uses her disabilities to her advantage.

Hers is definitely a story of not just of surviving and existing but also of living, which is probably why she was chosen to be the subject of filmmaker and Grand Jury Prize winner Riley Hooper’s 2012 documentary short. This film just recently hit the Internet, although it’s been a crowd favorite at festivals for two years now, and we thought you’d want to see it too.

Simple yet beautiful and full of heart, this short entitled “Flo” follows the story of an incredible woman and her unlikely life as a photographer.

Watch it after the jump.

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