Attach Nikon, Olympus, and Other Lenses to Pentax Cameras with this Multi-Mount Ring

Pentax K+ Multi-Mount Camera

Have you ever wanted to throw on some Nikon glass onto Pentax body? Or perhaps a Sony lens, or even Olympus? Now Adaptist is out with a new multi-mounting ring that lets users do just that. The Pentax K+ Multi-Mount is a replacement mounting plate that you can install differently branded lenses on a variety of Pentax auto-focus film SLR or non-weather resistant DSLR cameras such as the Pentax K-r. It involves unscrewing the original mounting ring and replacing it, but once installed users can start using Nikon F-mount, Olympus OM-mount, Contax or Yashica C/Y-mount, and Konica AR-mount lenses on Pentax cameras.

The catch, as it were, is all the lenses are only held in place by tension without any lens release catch to lock adapted lenses in. Instead the lens simply rotates 50-degrees to mount fully. What’s more the lenses also won’t be able to communicate with the camera through the golden contacts, so there’s no options for autofocus and aperture control will have to be done manually. Its get’s pretty complicated from here, so check past the break for more information and images.

Pentax K+ Multi-Mount System

Depending on the brand of glass users will also have to make modifications for it to work. For Nikon F-mount lenses, camera hackers will have to insert small shims in between the back of the lens and the mounting plate to ensure the proper flange-back distance. Olympus OM-mount lenses, meanwhile, need to have their aperture lever jammed wide open. Lastly photographers will need to shave down the aperture lever on Contax and Yashica lenses by 3mm.

The multi-mount ring is an involved process that also has a lot of trade offs, but it’s one of the few ways to attach different brands of glass to Pentax cameras. Unlike Nikon’s that can simply use adapters or Sony cameras with their Metabones smart adapters; Pentax cameras mounts have a flange focal distance that is too close for adapters. It’d be the perfect experiment for an older Pentax shooters or anyone wanting to try new glass. The Pentax K+ Multi-Mount is available for $98 Singaporean dollars plus $5 shipping, or $77 USD plus $4 shipping respectively, and you can order it directly from Adaptist.

Via Imaging Resource

Pentax K+ Multi-Mount (PK+MM) Product Introduction from Adaptist on Vimeo.

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