Are These the First Images Taken by the Nikon D4s at the 2014 Sochi Olympics?

Nikon D4s 2014 Sochi Olympics

Image Courtesy of Nikon Rumors

The Olympics are classically a place for unannounced or hot new cameras to make their first world debut and it seems 2014 Sochi games is no different. Nikon Rumors received an image of what appears to be the Nikon D4s photo bombing a picture of the Nikon field office in Sochi. Alongside the snap of the camera, it seems USA Today took several images at the Olympics with Nikon’s new flagship camera  (as evidenced by the EXIF data on several images; -1- | -2- | -3- | -4-).

The D4s made a mock-up only showing at CES 2014 and it rumored to be the first Nikon camera featuring 4K video recording. Nikon Rumors also alleges the D4s is will be announced on February 11th in Europe or around midnight EST time today. If it happens stay tuned, as we’ll have more news to report then.

B&H Photo has the camera listed on their website, but we don’t know anything else yet.

Via Nikon Rumors

Kevin Lee

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