Leica Wraps X2 Camera in Limited Edition White Fedrigoni Paper Skin

Lecia X2 Fedrigoni Paper Skin 1

Love them or hate them, Leica knows how to make gorgeous looking cameras and now there’s a limited edition Leica X2 clad in all white. Fedrigoni Deutschland gave the Leica X2 the “Paper Skin” treatment replacing the traditional leather band with fine Italian paper (which we didn’t know existed) called “Constellation Jade.”

The specially treated sheets of paper give the camera a pearl embossed look. Beyond appearances, the Fedrigoni’s Constellation Jade is certified for toughness against abrasion tests, acetone, and low temperatures dipping down to -40° F. The camera will arrive in a special box made with the same material styled as a paper sample book. The camera meanwhile looks to be the same 16.1MP Leica X2 with a 24mm f2.8 lens.

Leica is only planning to produce 25 pieces of this special paper wrapped camera and has yet to announce the price for it. While everyone might not be able or want to buy this white, Fedrigoni Paper Skin Leica X2, you can check out more images past the break.

Via Lecia Rumors

Lecia X2 Fedrigoni Paper Skin 2

Lecia X2 Fedrigoni Paper Skin 3

Lecia X2 Fedrigoni Paper Skin 4

Lecia X2 Fedrigoni Paper Skin 5

Lecia X2 Fedrigoni Paper Skin 6

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