Filmmaker Documents Aftermath One of Toronto’s Recent Ice Storms in Psychedelic Time-Lapse Video

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Heavy snow, bitter ice, and biting weather have wrecked havoc in the lives of many in the Midwest and the East for many weeks now. And just when you think it’s over, the Arctic outbreak that is the Polar Vortex strikes again, leaving millions desperate for warmer places.

That’s why, while some of you may disagree, I gotta admire the efforts of some braver souls out there who make a choice to face the miserable weather just to get that “money shot”, photographers like Ronnie Yip who we featured a couple of weeks ago here. Some, like filmmaker Gavin Heffernan, even take it to a whole new level. Taking photos in it is one thing; imagine yourself spending hours taking stills for a time-lapse video in insanely freezing conditions – that’s dedication to the craft.

Indie filmmaker and Sunchaser Pictures founder Hefferman, who is known in the viral world for his awesome night sky time lapses, took to the streets of Toronto seeking to document the aftermath of one of the city’s recent ice storms. What he caught on camera was not only the storm’s trail of destruction but also the glorious and mesmerizing art that it had inadvertently created. Entitled “Icelight Toronto”, the resulting time-lapse video is packed with magical shots of ice-covered trees and snow blankets, displays of the storm’s raw power, and surprisingly enough, psychedelic bursts of colors; it’s definitely worth all those miserable hours he spent communing with the vortex.

Experience the trippy video after the jump.

Via LaughingSquid

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