Tender Photographs of Kids and Animals Tell the Classic Story of Childhood


All photos taken by and used with expressed permission from Elena Shumilova.

Mother of two Elena Shumilova from Andreapol, Russia hasn’t always been a photographer. In fact, she only acquired her very first DSLR about two years ago. But as a student of architecture and the arts, she has always had the aptitude for creating and the eye for beauty. So it came as no surprise that she has since found her passion in photography and that she’s gotten so good at it in just two years.

Shumilova, who spends a lot of her time in a farm with her two young children – Yaroslav, 5, and Vanya, 2, has been taking advantage of the picturesque spots in and around that farm and its dramatic ever-changing weather conditions for her photos. She’s gotten into the habit of taking her photos at the most opportune time – at a golden hour, on a snowy evening, or during a fog-covered dawn to add texture and dynamics to her images.

But the scenic location and the dramatic light conditions are only a small part of her photos’ appeal. Something else made her photographs capture the hearts of millions worldwide when they went viral last week… You see, Shumilova has this penchant for recreating that one thing that most people have nostalgia for – that wonderful sense of being young and carefree, always ready to take on a new, exciting adventure.

With the help of her kids and their farm animal friends, she creates such moody yet tender photographs often tell the classic and magical story of childhood and at times the age-old tale of a blossoming friendship between a child and his beloved pet.

See her dreamy collection after the jump.

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