Useful Photography Tip #87: Use Natural Frames

julius motal the phoblographer quick photo tip 87 natural frame image 01

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When making an image, everything from light and lines to color and composition need to be considered. Is your subject one part of the overall image, or everything you see in the viewfinder? If your subject is one aspect of the image – and this is especially the case for portraits – consider using other elements in the image to frame your subject.

In this case, my friend Briana Duggan and I went into the radio studio at school for a quick portrait session. She’s worked in radio before, so it seemed like a good fit to make a portrait. We carried on a conversation, and I moved around the small studio to get different angles. When I was directly across from her, I saw that the microphone and its holder framed her nicely, and it gives a clear indication that she’s in radio. It does a better job than a wider shot with her and the microphone as separate entities.

When the opportunity arises, try using elements of the environment to frame your subject. Don’t force it, though. It’s far more rewarding when it occurs naturally.