Japanese Electronics Manufacturer Presents Camera-Equipped USB Mouse

Image courtes of Akihabara News

Image courtes of Akihabara News

We all know the situation. We’re working on our computer, moving the mouse up and down our desk, when suddenly we think to ourselves, “if only I could snap a quick picture of this or that without actually having to grab my digital camera!” But thanks to the creative people over in Japan, there finally is a solution!

It’s the King Jim camera-equipped mouse, which will be officially presented on January 31, according to Akihabara News. Apparently, it’s meant to be used when you want to “include an image of something in front of you in an email you are about to send.” And here’s how it works: “When you take a photo with the mouse, your PC’s screen becomes the camera’s display. And the accompanying software will give you photo editing options.” Neat, isn’t it?

We’ve seen lots of strange things come from Japan in the past, but this one absolutely deserves a top 10 spot in the list of Things That Defy Any Obvious Purpose. Cosider this: most computers, be they laptops or deskops, come with integrated webcams these days. And if that doesn’t do the job, you can always take a snap with your smartphone and send it to your computer via Bluetooth–or to yourself via Email if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth. And finally: have you seriously ever found in a situation as describe above?

According to Akihabara News, the King Jim camera mouse will be available for JPY 4,200 once it hits the (presumably Japanese only) market–that’s roughly US-$ 40, not including shipping and taxes should you decide to import it.