New Gariz Half-Case for the Panasonic GM1 is Both Beautiful and Practical

Gariz half-case for Panasonic GM1

Gariz, a manufacturer from South Korea, have made themselves a name in the photo industry in the recent past by producing beautiful leather half-cases for numerous camera models. Their half-cases combine beauty with practicality, providing both a slightly retro look as well as extra comfort and protection.

One of the company’s latest additions to its product portfolio is a half-case for the Panasonic GM1, which due to its extremely miniaturized body suffers from a severe lack of ergonomics. For one, the body is so small that even regularly sized hands have a hard time finding a grip. And secondly, its small height makes it awkward to use with larger lenses.

While Panasonic’s own aluminium grip does a decent job of looking good and providing extra grip plus a little bit of extra height at the same time, we have to admit that it looks nowhere near as nice as a proper leather half-case. Just like the good old days! The Gariz half-case for the Panasonic GM1 comes in a choice of black and brown leather and can be yours for US-$ 99 on eBay.

Via 43rumors