Weekend Humor: Cats Take Back the Internet with Photos of Humans

Yes, I will take your photo.

Yes, I will take your photo.

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.
Each new year brings with it a slate of resolutions. Most fall by the wayside, but some – though they are few and far in between – are upheld. With 2014 a few days old, a coalition of cats led by Mr. Sprinkles has resolved to take back the internet by turning the camera back on their so-called “owners”. After a successful lobbying campaign, Mr. Sprinkles has secured the release of the Sony CC1; the CC stands for Cat Camera.

The CC1 does not look like a camera at all. Sony designed it to fit a cats lifestyle, so the CC1 took the form of a small stuffed mouse with a red laser pointer built into it in order to capture the cat’s attention. Every cat in existence goes for the red dot, and with the CC1, once the cat passes in front of the laser beam, the two sensors built into the CC1’s “eyes” scan the room for a human. Once it finds one, the CC1 takes a photo and uploads to the CNC, the Catnip Cloud.

The photos then get pushed out on the CC1’s social media platforms: Instagram, Ultravisual, Facebook, Twitter and the like. Most of the followers of these accounts are cats, but the occasional human does join the ranks red-dot enthusiasts.

Should there not be a human within the vicinity of the CC1, the camera will take a photo of the cat and upload to the Catnip Cloud where Sony’s Feline Editors will combine the photos with stock images of humans. The notable aspect of these images is that the cat is human–sized and the human is cat-sized. In nearly all the photos, the cats are doing what humans would normally do to them.

Soon after the CC1’s release, Sony had to release a firmware update that would regulate how often the CC1 shot out a laser beam because Sony’s servers nearly crashed under the weight of all the photos the world’s cats were taking.