Wei Gensheng Gets a Crane’s Eye View of Shanghai From Over 2,000 Feet High

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 8

There’s a saying that photography is all about perspective and if that’s true, Wei Gensheng, a crane worker on Shanghai Tower construction tower, has one of the best views on the entire planet. Working on the second tallest building has it perks and for Gensheng, who is also an amateur photographer, it meant snapping up these gorgeous, vertigo-inducing photos of Shanghai from over 2,000 ft in the air.

Last August, the Shanghai tower reached its full height of 2,073 ft making it the second tallest building in the world. Since the building is not yet finished, cranes still ride up to roof and Gensheng took the opportunity to take some photos from his precipitous skybox.

The results are, of course, just spectacular. They capture China’s most populous city as clouds bathe over the skyscrapers and a stunning sunset hangs overhead. The photos were so outstanding that they won Gensheng a silver medal in the 2013 Shanghai Photography Art Exhibition. Check out more stunning photos after the jump.

Via Design Taxi

Photographs: Rex Features/Wei Gensheng

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 6

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 3

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 4

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 2

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 5

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 1

Wei Gensheng Shanghai 7

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