Weekend Humor: B&H Offers Plaid Shirts with Each Camera Purchase

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In an effort to help photographers discover their true nature, B&H Photo will offer a plaid shirt with each camera purchase. The program, originally conceived by B&H’s general manager Don Lefkowitz, aims to both invigorate and advance the careers of nascent photographers. The initial selection of shirts is limited, but that will soon expand as B&H forges relationships with different clothing companies. Currently, B&H has an agreement with Uniqlo.

“I was at this fashion event,” Lefkowitz said over the phone. “And all the photographers were wearing plaid. Not all the same color scheme obviously, but it was plaid everywhere!”

Given B&H’s status as the place for photographers, Lefkowitz reasoned that he could play a stronger role in photographer’s lives by giving them the essential element of a photographer’s existence beyond the camera. That essential element is the plaid shirt. Perhaps this is because each vertex represents the intersection of creative vision and technology. Or maybe it’s just because all the lines create myriad frames.

Lefkowitz introduced the idea at a meeting with the various department managers, and they offered muted agreement. One of the executives suggested just giving those photographers studios in Williamsburg, but that was quickly ruled impractical. Shirts would be far easier to offer.

“Why send them somewhere else?” Lefkowitz said. “Why not give them everything they need right here?”

The shirts, which B&H will start offering on Jan. 1, 2014, will have a small buttoned pocket on each sleeve for storing SD cards. If you purchase a vintage lens outside of the kit option, you’ll also get a beanie. If you purchase a second lens alongside everything else, you’ll get nonprescription eyeglasses. If you happen to add a leather camera bag at the end of all of that, you’ll get a pack of American Spirits.

If you’re daring enough to buy a Holga, you’ll get two plaid shirts.

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